I have started this blog very recently.

Actually, before starting to produce content, I was looking for an effortless way to have it hosted online.

My objective was to spend as little effort as possible on the hosting system administration, and instead invest it in producing content.

I have considered two different options:

  1. Purchasing hosting services with my own domain.
  2. Using specialized WordPress hosting services.

After some experimentation, I found that, for my use case, the first approach of using hosted services has actually failed for the following reasons:

  • Being new to the blogosphere, I found that the effort for maintaining an own domain was not (yet) justified.
  • Considerable time needs to be invested in setting up your domain, the hosting services, and taking care of security and backups.

To the contrary, after a quick setup of my blog here on WordPress, I found it actually very agreeable. It offers a wide range of advantages for content producers who either don’t want to dig into the technical side of hosting, or have the goal of focusing on content production.

Already at the first sight, WordPress offers the following advantages over dedicated web site hosting:

  • Very quick blog setup.
  • A wide range of pre-installed configurations (themes, widgets, appearance, plugins, …).
  • A simplified administration panel for WordPress initiates.
  • The standard WordPress admin panel for more advanced users which allow for finer customization.
  • Integrated backup and restore of your site in case of server infrastructure outages.
  • Easy backups of your content using the standard export tools.
  • High web site uptime and fast web page loading.
  • Easy integration with social networks or creation of mailing lists.
  • Easy upgrade options for advanced administrators.
  • Many more which I recommend to experience for yourself.

There are however also things that I learned to like when testing individual hosting, which are not possible when using the basic WordPress blog hosting service:

  • Permalink format customization is not possible, so you are stuck with the predefined permalinks.
  • Any changes requiring the editing of the wordpress config file are not possible, for example changing the number of saved revisions.
  • Uploading the same image again, does not overwrite the original file, instead a sequence number will be appended to the file name. This means that you will have to edit your post to adjust for the new file name.
  • Personally, I like working with the wp-admin panel. It is however not possible to configure this panel by default when switching between preview and editing.

Those, luckily, are minor things that will not prevent you from creating your content, which is the most important thing you usually want to do with your blog.

Thus, I am recommending WordPress blog hosting services for new bloggers, and those who want to focus more on content creation and less on hosting administration.