Experimenting on the road can be a fun thing especially when you have time to kill and are not in the mood for your breathing practice, meditating, or philosophy.

While running Pov-Ray on a mobile device will not be satisfactory for your render-farm sized sequences, it is good enough for testing your script ideas.

Relevant Locations



Download my android-povray repo from github.

> git clone android-povray.git

Copy the usr and home directories to termux

> cp usr /data/data/com.termux/files/
> cp home /data/data/com.termux/files/


Reading povray.ini is not implemented in version 3.1g for android. Hence there is the pov sript which already includes the full path to the include files library in your home dir.

There are many sample scenes here

> cp usr /data/data/com.termux/files/home/povray/scenes/

Just run one test script to see if it works

> ~/bin/pov ~/povray/scenes/scene.pov

The output png file is located in


To change the output image location or image resolution, edit the config file

> nano ~/bin/cfg/povray.cfg


If you get a “command-not-found” error, then you may need to add your user bin folder to the path variable, if it is not already included. Check first with:

> echo -e ${PATH//:/;}

If necessary, add your ~/bin directory to the path by adding these lines to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_aliases file:

# add user bin folder if not exists (e.g. debian, android termux)
export PATH=$PATH:~/bin

Ray it!

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