Space3D – Pov-Ray Scripts for Space Scene and Planetary Textures Rendering

Why would anyone, in the 21st century, 4.5 billion years Earth Age, 14 billion years Verse Era, use a non UX, non GUI, non LEET, non FANCY, non FASHIONABLE, scripted development environment for ANYTHING?

Among the many possible answers, there’s my tiny selection:

  • because it is fun
  • because I am in control
  • because I can

I have developed Space3D between 2004 and 2012, first just for fun, later to create planetary textures and space backgrounds for the space simulator engine VegaStrike where I have been heavily involved between 2006 and 2011, however I have not touched the script code since then.

The original Space3D web page with original articles, gallery, and script downloads was published on but has been discontinued by the provider in 2015.

Some of the gallery images are published on my DeviantArt page in the digital rendering gallery. I may render some more of my existing scenes in the near future.

Now, in 2019, the few articles have found a new home on this blog and the script code is on github.

Who was using Space3d

Images to enjoy


(c) 2009 No-325 Four Neighbors (c) 2005 No-146 Earth View (c) 2005 No-150 Planet Parade (c) 2008 No-344 Asteroid Rings